Carbon monitoring software for paint shops

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CaMoS was born of the idea to develop specifically for SMEs a practice-oriented and cost-effective instrument for energy efficiency analyses and climate protection measures. You as a user benefit from CaMoS in several respects:

Energy efficiency
Discover savings potentials involved in your process and evaluate their potential by yourself by only pressing a button.

Product Carbon Footprinting
Provide your clients with product-related CO2-balances (gCO2/product unit), they can use for their own CO2-balances. This is specifically interesting for e.g. job coaters, who work closely together with the automotive industry.

Process simulation
Simulate process changes on the PC and see by pressing a button which impact e.g. production extensions or other changes have on the energy demand and CO2-emissions.

Energy management
As an SME, use CaMoS to support your energy audit according to DIN EN 16247 with the required data.

Innovative marketing
By the CO2-Emission data you create out of your products, you can explore completely new territory in marketing activities, e.g. with the enlargement via our service CNC - climate-neutrally painting.

CaMoS is no energy management system and thus does not require expensive field devices. You also don't need to be an energy expert to be able to work with CaMoS, because this was the approach in the development. All important information is provided by CaMos in a help file which is easy to understand, so that you can immediately begin with the data acquisition.

The development of CaMoS was financially supported by DBU (Deutsche Bundesstiftung Umwelt/ Federal Foundation for the environment). This guarantees the high innovation level of our program.

For more detailled information please have a look at the downloadable brochure. We also would like to personally present CaMos to you so that you can get an own idea of the program's benefit for your company.

Download brochure (German only at the moment)