Coating Technology

Here you will find information on our standalone painting equipment (Airless, Finespray, Low-pressure), 2K-/3K-units, paint spray guns, low-pressure and high-pressure paint supply pumps (diaphragm, piston, bellows), accessories like our gun flush box GunGuard Evo and equipment for your paint shop (spray walls, filter mats, consumables).

Painting equipment

DETE offers you a wide range of standard products for your coatings, both from our own manufacturing and products from other manufacturers. We also appreciate to arrange devices/ units for special applications.

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Paint supply

DETE offers you the appropriate equipment for coating material and your individual requirements from the supply of air atomizing spray guns with double diaphragm pumps and intake tube to supply of complete units.

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Multi-component systems

Our electronic mixing and dosing system, including a specially developed software for the electronic monitored process safety help you when painting modern 2- or 3-component coatings. Thus you save on material and increase the surface quality.

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Paint shop equipment

Here you will find an overview about our intake air filters and exhaust air filters, diverse cleaning products and -materials e.g. for guns and units, suction walls, spray stands up to complete paint shop equipment.

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