Already in 1954, one year after the foundation of the company, DETE dealt with the industrial coating technology. In cooperation with the trade association of iron and steel in Bavaria, DETE was decisively involved in the introduction of the airless spraying process. In 1970, DETE developed a patented and registered mechanical two-components spraying unit. For the production of coating units (under the DETE brandmark), Dr. Hans-Georg Tettenborn founded together with his wife Erika and his son Hans-Jürgen a GmbH (limited liability company) in 1976. In 1978, the paint heater "Vulkan" was developed, with success throughout Europe.

In 1982, the first explosion-proof painting robot was developed in Germany. In 1987, Dr. Hans-Georg Tettenborn founded a Joint Venture for the production of paint shops in Hungary. In 2005, the electronic multi-component unit DETRONIC MIX was ready for series production for the first time. In 2007, 3 new managing partners came in. Due to the general globalisation, the sales and service network was extended worldwide in 2008. Until today, we have been working primarily on environmentally friendly, energy-saving and emission-reducing products with regard to the protection of the environment, which is important for the future.

Sustainability at DETE
For several years, DETE has been a member of the "Umweltpakt Bayern" (Bavarian Environmental Pact), a voluntary commitment to operational sustainability, particularly in the fields of efficient energy consumption and climate compatibility of the car pool. However, we have decided to do much more than required in the environmental pact; so we have been using certified green electricity of "EVU NaturWatt" for several years, we have significally improved our waste management (e.g. there is hardly any residual waste) and neutralize all CO2 emissions from the consumption of natural gas. Moreover, some of our flight emissions are also compensated by Atmosfair. Thus, we can say that our company works CO2-neutrally. This is the same principle, we also have at our service CNC - Carbon Neutral Coated.