Production of a new paint booth along with paint supply and flash-off area as well as two spray stands. The reconstruction of the current 2K-unit for the use in Ex zone is included.
Basic information:
  • Paint booth has been designed as classic sandwich panel construction
  • Includes spray stands for manual coating with flash-off area as well as separate material supply
  • Additional area for potential powder coating
  • PLC control (Siemens S7-1200) of the plant functions with colour touch screen
  • Energy efficiency functions:
    o    Heating via an efficient gas burner
    o    Conduction of the exhaust air via heat exchanger (energy saving via heat retroactive effect)
    o    Power-save circuit (reduction of the supply air and exhaust air during breaks between coating)
  • No additional handles needed by coupling the energy-saving circuit with the application technology
  • Coating via low pressure-2K-electrostatic paint in a manual process
  • Retrofitting of the Detronic Mix 2K-control to Ex-Zone-2-compliant pressurised enclosure
  • Storage of the spray gun in an automatic gun flush box of the type DETE GunGuard Evo (2K-control can automatically push through fresh material on expiry of the pot life)
  • Material supply by double diaphragm pumps of the type DETE Twin20 Abrasive

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