Upgrade of the consisting spray booth for big electric motors with a 2K-unit, inclusive manual coating for water-based paints with colour supply and special colours.
Basic information
  • Application by a manual spray gun with automatic feed of the mixed 2K paint
  • Appropriate paint supply via piston pumps, drip trays and agitators for 30kg-hobbocks
  • Affiliation of the new acquisition with the current spray booth with spray wall and flash-off zone
  • DETE Detronic Mixing 2K-unit for the application of solvent paint systems on electric motors with up to 1.5m diameter, has already been in use for a long time
  • Assembly of the new DETE Detronic Mix Advance 2K-control for automatic dosage and mixing of the paints (based on Siemens S7-1200 SPS with 16:9 colour-touchscreen)
  • Evaluation of paint data is possible via front-USB or batch data export (close monitoring of the paint consumption for each painted motor)
  • Two Siemens coriolis mass flow meters perform the measurement of the two material flows of the base component and the hardener
  • Classical piston pump of the type MX32 (strain) and DX30 (hardener and base component) provide the needed material feed
  • Coating with a Binks AA4400M manual spray gun in two-shift operation

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