Energy-efficient fully automatic paint shop with pretreatment, manual 2K priming and topcoat and subsequent long-term hardening for pipeline actuator parts
Basic information
  • Fully automatic continuous paint shop with cycle operation
  • Power&Free conveyor system for items to be painted
  • Manual 2K-paint with dry separation
  • Scanner-based process data transfer with automatic routing for items to be painted
  • 7-Zone pass cleaning plant with downstream exhaust tunnel for retained water
  • Automatic deposit of the items to be painted in the cure storage
  • Automatic loading of the finished products
  • High energy-efficient due to thermal wheel and several heat exchangers
  • Double strand cooling zone
  • Electronic 2K- dosage- and mixing unit DETRONIC MIX for a primer and four top coats
  • Application via DETE BM250-spray guns in assisted airless process
  • Pot life control with automatic feeding function in order to save solvents
  • Gun control via gun flush boxes of the type DETE GunGuard
  • Colour change possible at the push of a button, optionally also without intermediate flushing

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