Installation of a cost-effective paint shop with manual application technology for big hangers with steel parts (6m*3m*1,5m), including a pre-treatment installation on a specified surface.
Basic information
  • Putting the items to be painted on the Power&Free overhead conveyor
  • Locking through an automatic 3-zones-pretreatment installation (degreasing, iron phosphating, washing)
  • Cleaning the items to be painted from water residues via an adhesion water dryer
  • Manually applied primer in the first booth
  • Hangers go in the primer kiln and run through a short cooling zone, before getting into a booth for manual topcoats
  • Permanently installed work platforms in both booths
  • Steel parts run through a downstream flash-off zone as well as another dryer before getting a top coating in a buffer in front of the infeed station/ offtake station
  • The paintwork is done manually in assisted airless process
  • Electronic control and regulation of dosage and mixture of the base components and hardener components (four basic inks) via an electronic 2K-unit of the type DETE Detronic Mix
  • Colour change and flushing of the unit at the touch of a button
  • Use of classic high-pressure piston pumps of the type DETE MX32

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