Delivery of the complete coating technology (paint supply, 2K-unit, guns) for a flat spraying machine for plastic parts from the automotive- or consumer electronics sector
Basic information
  • Installation of a DETE Detronic Mix 2K-unit for managing the recipe administration as well as dosage and mixture of the 2-component paints (two basic inks)
  • Use of coriolis mass flow meters for base and hardener (guarantees ideal rinsing capability)
  • Low-pressure material pressure regulator in both strands enable the adjustment of the exact material pressure
  • Electronical monitoring of pot life and mixing ratio (high precision and constant mixing quality)
  • Use of DETE UVfix08-bellows pumps (high endurance, pistons of aluminium oxide, maintenance-friendly)
  • Use of the bellows pumps over longer conveyor lines (transmission ratio 8:1)
  • Paint application made via up to 8 AGMD Pro low-pressure automatic guns for the maximum surface quality

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