Delivery of the complete coating technology (paint booths, paint supply, 2K-units, manual guns) for the manual coating of large bearings for wind turbines

Basic information

  • Installation of a group of six separate DETE Detronic Mix 2K- or 3K-units in total (greatest possible time flexibility during coating procedures)
  • Use of different flow meter types (classical cog-wheel flow meters to coriolis-mass flow meters)
  • Due to the high material pressures caused by the airless application procedure, DETE HX48- or Trumpf 47:1-piston pumps are used (high pressure transmission ratio and high conveyor capacity)
  • Material application by up to six DETE GM500-airless guns (easy maintenance, high application amount/m²)
  • Prevention of the hardening of coatings in single guns by equipping each GM500 with a gun flush box of the type DETE GunGuard

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