Delivery of a complete coating technology for the manual low-pressure water-based coating of big steel parts including paint supply, 2K-unit and electrostatic manual gun
Basic information
  • Delivery of a 2K-unit of the type DETE Detronic Mix for 3 hardeners and 5 colours
  • Equipping the 2K-unit with a gun flush box of the type DETE GunGuard (for automatic filling, feeding and flushing of the spray gun)
  • Measurement of the volume flows via cog-wheel flow meters
  • 2K-unit supplies an electrostatic manual gun of the type Ransburg Vector with external high-voltage generator (Coating of the parts due to the electrostatic principle and the favourable part geometry with a high application efficiency possible)
  • Several DETE Twin20 diaphragm pumps
  • Materials handling from pressure vessels (hardeners) and unpressurized vessels (base component) to the mixing unit of the 2K-unit
  • Equipment of the pumps with pressure increase units (material pressure up to 9 bar)
  • Completely electrically insulated and specially secured structure of paint supply due to high conductivity of the E-static-water-based paint
  • Additional equipment of the paint containers with pneumatic agitators on barrel lids (can be lifted off from the original container via pneumatic lid lifting devices, which facilitates the container exchange

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