A solution should be found to deliver a defined amount of lubricants automatically to a connected unit
Basic information
  • Delivery of three compact units which can be connected with hoses to the delivery points of lubricants
  • A unit consists of a stainless steel container with continuously working, electronic filling level control as a pneumatic agitator (preventing the settling of the lubricant) conveyance of the medium via a DETE double diaphragm pump, fixed on the material container
  • Fluid valve to regulate the material flow to the delivery point is pneumatically operated and is low-wear and corrosion resistant
  • The core of every unit is the stainless-steel dosing cylinder (specially developed for this application)
  • Dosing cylinder supplies the defined quantity of lubricant on demand and automatically refills itself with fresh material directly during dispensing (no separate filling process necessary)

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