Installation of a central high-pressure water based paint supply system with PLC-controlled level and agitator control, circulation and tap lines, as well as three Detronic Mix Advance 2K units, each with four delivery points for manual painting
Basic information
  • Automatic level control of supply and intermediate containers for uninterrupted painting operations
  • Comfortable, customer-specific plant control via Siemens PLC (fill level visualization and agitator control with spray and circulation switchover)
  • Thermally insulated subsurface piping with WHG-compliant leakage monitoring system
  • Circulation and tap lines designed for 350bar
  • Detronic Mix Advance 2K units with leak check before starting to paint
  • Parallel working of up to 8 painters in 3-shift operation possible
  • OPC UA connection of the 2K units to the Siemens network in order to be able to read consumption data directly from the 2K controls
  • Frequency-controlled, highly efficient electric agitators with individual interval switching for optimum coating conditioning
  • IBC lid lifters of the DeLift series with integrated inclined position of the containers for optimum residual emptying

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