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We offer pneumatically driven pumps for all pressure ranges, both low- and high pressure. This involves various process principles:

Diaphragm pumps
ideal for shear-sensitive or abrasive material, also e.g. for coatings and engobes. Suitable for all low pressure systems up to approx. 20 bar. Very good flushing, various pressure transmissions available.
Example: Twin 205 Abrasiv, TWIN 315

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Piston pumps
classic process principle for high-pressure applications up to 300 bar and more. Basically suitable for most materials, heavy wear-out on abrasive media. Strong material shearing, good flushing.
Examples: DX30, MX32, HX48/64

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Bellows pumps
innovative type of pump for low- and high pressure applications up to 240 bar. Extremely wear-resistant, also on highly abrasive media. Easy maintenance, ideal e.g. as curing agent supply pumps.
Examples: UVfix04/08/20/40

>> UVfix Series Brochure
>> UVfix04 HVPA Brochure

All DETE-pumps are ATEX-certified. We also offer pumps of other suppliers.

  • UVfix 04 bellows pump

  • diaphragm pump TWIN 205 abrasive

  • HX 64 high pressure piston pump

  • UVfix40 bellows pump

  • UVFix08 bellows pump

Flow heater

Our material flow heater VULKAN was designed specifically for the in-line coating heating system. Its main fields of application are located in areas e.g. with coating material of high viscosity or components which have to be equipped with high coating thickness - also on vertical areas. Furthermore, by heating the coatings, solvents for dilution can be saved - which is a benefit for the solvent balance and the environment.

Moreover, our VULKAN ensures a constant material temperature for all seasons, is basically maintenance-free and completely explosion-protected.

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Pressure regulator

Material pressure regulators are often used to prevent pressure fluctuations in material conveyance and thus resulting interruptions in the spray jet. As so-called back-pressure regulators they guarantee a constant material pressure in circuit pipelines. We have both mechanically adjustable (via a handle) and pneumatically controllable versions for all pressure ranges. All controllers have a material guide of stainless steel.

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  • low pressure regulator

  • high pressure regulator

Lid lifting devices

Pneumatically powered lid lifting device

  • suitable for Ex zone 1
  • DeLift 500: 500 mm stroke, e. g. for hobbocks
  • DeLift 1000: 1000 mm stroke, e. g. for 200 l drums
  • robust sledge rail construction
  • insensitive powder coating
  • universal support points e. g. for pumps
  • wall and floor fixation possible
  • prepared for automatic agitator shutdown switch (optional accessory required)
  • double-acting cylinder with dead man’s control device
  • complete with lift control device, pressure air controller, base and lid mount (lid sold separately)

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  • DeLift 500 with control panel, lid and agitator

  • DeLift 1000 with drum lid

  • Pneumatic limit switch for automatic shutdown of pressure air supply of mounted agitator when lifting the lid

  • Hobbock- or drum lid.
    Suitable for 20l hobbocks or 200 l drums

  • Separate, individually configurable control panel

  • manual on / off switch for the overhead agitator


We have a wide range of agitators for coating grind, both manually driven, pneumatical and electric versions. We adjust our agitators to your requirements. Depending on your requirements, we recommend an appropriate model, e.g. a fast running version for stirring rapidly or a transmission version to prevent sedimentation. Various agitators for different media are available, both stainless steel version and hard coated aluminium.

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  • compressed-air agitator

  • small agitator


According to your requirements we design your pipe layout for paint supply either flexible with tubes or rigid as hard piping in stainless steel. Tubes/hose lines are significantly cheaper and are suitable for difficult installation distances, but are not as robust as pipe lines. If the conveyor lines are very long, it is better to decide for a rigid pipe line as piping can be installed easier.

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  • pipeline

  • supply point

  • Wanddurchführung

  • cable-hose assembly

Pressure Pots

For your paint supply and also for other applications we can supply corresponding material containers. We also produce special containers and customized products according to your requirements.

Containers, pressurized
in different sizes, made of stainless steel or galvanised, optional for direct filling or for inserting a hobbock, with appropriate connections/flanges e.g. for agitators, material pressure up to 6 bar, with or without slanted floor and drain, depending on the system.

Containers, unpressurized
Similar design to pressurized containers; cover/lid hinged 1/3 or individual design, with or without slanted floor and drain, connections and flanges accordings to requirements.

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  • small pressure boiler

  • material lid

  • Material boiler pressureless steinless steel