Detronic Mix Advance 2K-Unit

Versatile and flexible electronic mixing and dispensing system based on Siemens S7-1200 PLC; suitable for all application methods (air spraying, airless, air-assisted airless, manual or automatic coating, electrostatic.

Fields of application

Water- or solvent borne multicomponent systems (coatings, adhesives, release agents, etc.)

  • Simple, reasonable operation via colour touch screen, basic functions start, stop, rinse, reset also via illuminated pushbutton
  • System settings password-protected
  • Up to three components can be processed
  • 1K operation possible (e.g. for colour change controls)
  • Up to two mixing units can be operated mutually with one control system
  • Customer-specific software adaptations possible at any time
  • Modular mixing unit, can be expanded at any time
  • Flow meters are individually adapted to the paint system
  • Standard solutions for explosive areas available
  • Automatic pot life monitoring via gun rinsing box (e.g. GunGuard Evo)
  • Recipe-dependent flushing programs

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