Automatic Spray Guns

Reliable automatic spray guns for all application methods (air spraying, airless, air-assisted airless ) for use on automatic painting systems (e.g. flat spray machines). Fluid touching parts in contact with material made of stainless steel

Fields of application

Water- or solvent borne multicomponent systems (coatings, adhesives, release agents, etc.).

  • Developed and manufactured in Nuremberg
  • Low-cost equipment for many applications
  • Spare parts supply directly by the manufacturer


Minimatik 1
Minimatik F
Minimatik Airless

Low-pressure automatic gun for high surface quality, e.g. in furniture construction.

Automatic gun for air-assisted airless spraying. High application rates with quite good surface quality. Ideal e.g. for classic steel and mechanical engineering.

High-quality automatic airless gun with durable needle seal and compact dimensions, ideal for heavy-duty coatings or for thin-bodied low-pressure airless applications (e.g. pickling).

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